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About the Artists

Samantha Sannella is a painter and poet, architect and designer. She works in both watercolour and acrylic. She is focused on creating art that conveys insight into her life, surroundings, and state of mind. Rather than typical self-portraits, Samantha expresses herself as a rabbit. The rabbit represents her fragile nature and power as a survivor.  This exhibit, Rabbit / / Pause contains 32 rabbits in acrylic on canvas and wood and 1 rabbit created from textiles. Each work is accompanied by a poem.  

Paola Poletto’s studio interests include photography, drawing, writing and creative collaboration. A fan of DIY and site-specific community practices, she has exhibited her work both locally and internationally and published and/or edited several books combining images and words. Paola is currently pursuing practice-based research in design and media innovation at TMU’s The Creative School. See her projects at

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