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Rabbit / / Pause

January 3 - 30, 2024

Samantha Sannella

Paola Poletto

The Reviews Are In!  

"I fell in love with this exhibit"

"This exhibit is pure happiness"

"This is a deeply personal exhibit"

"Pure delight"

"Splendid and inspiring"

"Really something unique"

"The painting, poetry and photography - all captivating"

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Samantha Sannella

About Rabbit // Pause

This exhibit is the culmination of a year-long exploration of self portraiture as a rabbit. The rabbits represent my state of mind on any given day and the poetry that accompanies each painting conveys the emotions that bubbled to the surface as I created each portrait. My collaborator, and artist-curator Paola Poletto and I wonder what it means to self-identify with a rabbit: how does this inter species relationship become both a mirror for the self and for living mindfully, authentically and sustainably in the world today, and into the future? While my focus is on painting and poetry, Paola has created a photographic response to the rabbits utilizing the Clark Centre and its surrounding landscape as part of this project.


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